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located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is a well-known OEM/ODM cosmetic and makeup tool manufacturer, specializing in providing high quality and efficient products for domestic and foreign cosmetics brands. With rich industry experience and professional technical strength, we help many cosmetic brands achieve market breakthroughs and brand upgrades.

As a leader in the field of OEM/ODM, we have advanced production equipment, strict quality management system and perfect research and development system. We are well aware of the particularity and sensitivity of the cosmetics industry, from raw material procurement to production, and finished products from the warehouse. Every link is strictly controlled to ensure product safety, effectiveness and stability.

Our Advantages
Industrial Advantage
An excellent garden factory, which is equipped with 100,000 GMP standard production workshop and fully automated production equipment. Our independent factory covers an area of about 100,000 square meters, equipped with more than 200 advanced equipment, and has a professional team of about 500 people. We have a comprehensive beauty product supply system, covering a full range of beauty products such as skin care products, cosmetics, beauty tools, personal care tools, bath and hair care products, and all products are self-produced.
Innovation Advantage
We have a keen market insight and an experienced product development and design team of about 50 people. Relying on the deep accumulation in the industry, we continue to pursue excellence and innovation, and provide customers with diversified design concepts. The process from design to production is efficient and rapid, and has won wide praise from our customers.

Cooperation advantage
In addition, Vivid Beauty also has a complete and scientific management system. We adhere to the bottom line of quality assurance, which is the cornerstone of our long-term development. With fast response time, excellent customer service, excellent innovation and price advantage, we strive to become the OEM/ODM co-production and supplier of choice for major cosmetics brands and supermarket chains.

Service Advantage
Vivid Beauty has always been committed to building the most complete beauty product supply chain in China, and regards quality customer service as our core principle. We actively develop good business relations with customers, and work together with customers to achieve common prosperity and stable development. We will continue to provide our customers with the best beauty products.
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